Mooer Shim Verb Effect Pedal

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3 Reverb Modes: Room, Spring, Shimmer
Room: Different sized true acoustics reverb, from room to hall.
Spring: Simulates a classic spring reverberation, vintage 60’s Surfing sound.
Shimmer: Add rich overtone into the reverb sound, spacy, smooth and shining, very popular in Post Rock music.
True bypass design to minimize the tone loss.
Mini size is space-saving and easy to carry along.
Durable aluminum alloy case with stove varnish finish.
Level, Color, Decay knobs:
Level: Adjust the level of the reverb sound;
Color: Adjust the tone of the reverb sound in Room mode;
Adjust the volume of the particular spring effects in Spring mode;
Adjust the brightness of the overtone in Shimmer mode;
Decay: Adjust the decay time of the reverb sound


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